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Best types of trees to plant in Sarasota, FL

Florida’s blend of hot, humid temperatures and sandy soil can make it very hard for landscapers and homeowners to create interesting and attractive yards. It’s important to choose plants and trees that are native to the area so that they can withstand the salty, sandy conditions as well.

You will also need to take into consideration how large you want the tree to be and how much trimming and pruning you will want to do in the future.

To choose the best types of trees to plant in Sarasota, Florida, you should look for palms and other varieties that are native to the area and that have the other qualities mentioned above. One of the biggest factors to look at is the salt tolerance of the tree. Some are very tolerant, while others are not at all. Thanks to the folks at Sarasota Tree Care Services for the insights… http://www.sarasotatreecareservices.com/

Here, we have listed a few trees for you to consider planting in Sarasota, Florida:

  • The Red Maple grows fast and reaches up to 80 feet tall. The tree has showy red flowers in the winter through spring, and it has beautiful red foliage in the fall. It enjoys full sun, the perfect tree for Sarasota, FL!


  • Sweet Acacia trees have little yellow flowers year round, and they are very beneficial to birds and beneficial insects by providing them with a place to nest and plenty of nectar. These trees tolerate salt fairly well, and they love full sun.


  • The Marlberry tree has an attractive shape, and it has no known pest enemies. Many people in the Sarasota area choose this tree for screens or hedges around their property. It has fragrant, white flowers, and it is extremely drought tolerant.


  • Eastern Redbud trees are highly recognizable because of their pretty flowers that can range from purple to lavender to pink during the spring. They do well in any type of soil and sunlight, although they thrive in full sun.


  • Loblolly Bay trees are slow growing, and they do best in extremely moist soil. For this reason, they are ideal for using around retention ponds. They are also decorative, thanks to delicate white flowers that bloom throughout the spring and summer.

Palms are always a safe bet in central Florida. They are native to the landscape, and they are also fairly easy to care for. You have several sizes and styles to choose from. There are a few varieties that work well in Sarasota.

  • The Needle Palm only grows to about 8 feet, and it is in the middle range for sunlight and water preferences. It does not tolerate salt well, but it does attract various wildlife.


  • The Dwarf Palmetto has a high drought tolerance, and it is often used for retention ponds and drainage swales. It only reaches about 9 feet at maturity, making it a good choice for yard landscaping.


The Saw Palmetto is also fairly small, only about 10 feet at maximum, and it does not require much moisture. It also has pretty yellow and white flowers in the spring.